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        Jump Start is Louisiana’s new Career and Technical Education program. Through this program students earn industry credentials while still in high school. Jump Start students graduate high school prepared to secure a high-wage job and attend a technical or community college

        This program represents a new paradigm for career and technical education (CTE), requiring students to attain an industry-promulgated, industry-valued credential in order to graduate high school.
        Background – Louisiana’s Career Diploma had fallen into disrepair and was seldom used. Students with the Career Diploma were not prepared to attain entry-level jobs in high-demand industry sectors. Unfilled jobs in these high demand industry sectors continue to detract from Louisiana’s economic growth.

        Louisiana’s Jump Start program, which for the first time aligns Louisiana’s K-12 CTE strategy with the state’s economic development strategies. Jump Start regional teams – consisting of school districts,
        colleges, businesses and workforce / economic development experts – collaborate to provide career
        courses and workplace experiences to high school students. Students have the opportunity in high school to earn industry-valued, industry-promulgated credentials in the career fields most likely to lead to high-wage jobs, while preparing them to continue their post-secondary education (in 2- and 4- year colleges) and career development. Schools receive the same credit in their letter grade for students who earn a nationally- recognized certificate in a high-demand job sector as they currently do for students who score 3, 4 or 5 on an AP test. Schools will be rewarded for preparing their students for college and career.
        Jump Start courses and training will be offered to all high school students regardless of diploma pathway: as elective credit for students pursuing a TOPS Academic Diploma and required credit for students seeking a Jump Start Career Diploma.

        Read an overview of the program here.

        For a full listing of Jump Start resources, click here.

        For information on other parish education initiatives, click here.

        九图军事TOPS University Pathway九图军事

        For students who plan on attending a four-year college or university, requiring students to complete coursework that will qualify
        them for TOPS scholarships.

        九图军事Jump Start Pathway九图军事

        For students interested in preparing for college and career, requiring students:

        • To complete coursework that prepares them
          to continue their education at a technical or
          community college; and
        • To earn industry credentials that will help them
          attain entry-level employment.